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slit dam

Slit Dam

Steel slit dams allow harmless sediments to flow downstream under normal conditions and secure the sediment volume until occurrence of a debris avalanche. They also contribute to maintain the riverbed level in downstream areas and prevent recession of the riverbank. In the event of a debris avalanche, the steel slit dam prevents disasters by capturing harmful boulders and a large volume of sediments.

gabion boxes


Gabion boxes (Japanese name: Kagowaku), are lightweight and simple in structure, so they can be constructed easily at the site by packing sediments or gravel into rectangular box formed by welded wire mesh.

vertical steel fish passage

Vertical steel fish passage

It is designed and created for aquatic habitat to pass easily. Fish passage is installed onto the wall of river structure directly, so it does not require any other sites for installation.

steel sheet pipe steel pipe pile

Steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile

Use for earth retaining, water stop and coffering.

waterway repair

Waterway repair

Repair the irrigation canal suffering from surface deterioration and carbonation without breaking the existing one and keep the functions of concrete canal.