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Storage Battery Environment / Energy

In preparation for securing power supply and stabilizing power supply during disasters.

We propose a storage system that can be optimized to be used in many ways and many environnements.

  • Power storage system can be used as an emergency power supply during a power failure.
  • It can save energy by storing power when there is a surplus (which can happen using solar panel) and releasing it when needed.
  • It can be used as standalone power supply by combining it with a renewable energy source and a fuel cell battery.
Amount of storage Applicable place Purpose of use
~15kWh 1. House
2. Office
3. Small size store
● Peak shift
● Backup
● Use of Renewable energy
~50kWh 1. Service station
2. Apartment house
3. Medium size store (Supermarket)
4. Public facility
5. Small size store (Convenience store, Clinic)
6. Communication base station
● Peak shift
● Peak cut
● Backup
● Use of Renewable energy
50kWh~ 1. Grid
2. Region
3. Factory
4. Apartment house
● Peak shift
● Peak cut
● Backup
● Use of Renewable energy
● Grid adjustment