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Wooden Biomass Gasification Environment / Energy

Woody biomass gasification power generation

Local production for local consumption with woody biomass

Using local woody biomass to produce power have many advantages:

  • Protecting the environment
  • Helping the forestry business
  • Promoting a locally based power economy
  • Reducing CO2 emission reducing the amount of fossil fuel used

Utilisation of local woody biomass

As a business model the utilisation of locally available woody biomass have many benefits. Including, the promotion of local industries and reduction of Co2 emissions, as well as the creation of a circular economy and local job opportunities.

Utilisation of local woody biomass

Latest item “thermal energy”

  • The process of generating heat using woody biomass is more efficient than the process of generating electricity. Using small power plants it is possible to generate heat efficiently at a local level allowing the surrounding community reliable access to a sustainable source of energy.
  • In case of natural disasters a woody biomass power plant can be self sufficient providing the local communities with a backup source of power in the case the connection to the grid is damaged or interrupted.
Switching from fossil fuels to woody biomass

Utilizable resources for woody biomass

  • Sticks, wood chips, wood pellets, bamboos
  • Recycled wood
  • Barks of tree etc


  • Protecting the environment
    Reducing Co2 emissions and protecting local forests by promoting their sustainable management.
  • Stimulating the local economy
    Using locally produced biomass instead of importing fossil fuel is a great way to improve the local economy.
  • Increase the array of sources available for power generation
    Operating several types of power generator can become a great asset in case of natural disaster thanks to its redundancy and reduced reliance on the national grid.
  • Cost benefit
    Using wood as a fuel source is less expensive and less polluting compared to fossil fuels. Furthermore, the prices for woody biomass on the market are far more stable in comparison to the very volatile prices of fossil fuels.

Example of installations

A Woody biomass generator can be used in a lot of ways:

  • As Boilers for hot springs, hotels, and public facilities, horticultural facilities, food factories
  • Wood dryers
  • Air conditioners
  • Boilers


  • Air conditioners

    Air conditioners

  • Horticultural facilities

    Horticultural facilities

  • Wood dryers

    Wood dryers

Installation support

We support you from the feasibility study to the installation and operation of your plant.

Project development planning

Depending on each case we provide tailor made solutions to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Feasibility study
We collect all the relevant data concerning the current state of your project in order to provide you with the best guidance possible.
Inquiry phase Research
  • The project purpose, concept and plan
  • The amount of fuel(fossil)consumed
  • Operational status
  • Operating time(variation pattern)
  • Maintenance system
  • Woody fuel supply chain
  • The current state of project
  • Installation place
  • Plumbing
  • Confirm blueprints
  • Stress test
  • Woody fuel supply chain


Installation support
For each specific case we carefully select the best products and most appropriate type of fuel to suit our client needs. We can also advise our clients about the merits and the cost of:
The equipment Advice for system
  • The installation
  • The fuel
  • The maintaince
  • The management
  • Initial cost estimation
  • Operating expense estimation
  • Estimate the cost of fuel supply
  • Research support system and subsidy
  • Paybility research (the payout time)


Starting with the installation we provide, together with the WHP manufacturer, the following services to our clients.
  • Construction planning
  • Installation adjustment
  • Test Operation
  • Installation support

Please contact us for more information about woody biomass generator.