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A declaration of local production
and consumption of renewable energy

We, human beings have been creating the brilliant world and making the remarkable history for long time.
Owing to the past inventions, we have achieved to make our life condition better.
However on the way to create this flourish human world, we have sacrificed so many things in the past.
The one of them is natural environment where we live in today.
This fact is obviously visible through seeing daily news and we even feel that the planet is suffering from abnormal climate while we live in this world.

However we cannot live in the world without the energy we have been consuming.
For the future of the global environment, Shinoda Co., ltd. will help to create the world human being coexists with nature.

We propose a local production and consumption of natural and renewable energy.

Founded more than 100 years in the local. From feelings of its history, we will mindful of the environment.

Civil Engineering / Construction

We construct safe town on the theme of coexistence with nature. While specializing in civil engineering and construction materials, we are also specialists engaged in disaster prevention and traffic safety.

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Environment / Energy

We sell and propose environmentally friendly products and services related to renewable energy.
Our goal is to promote a circular economy where power is generated locally, using local resources, for local application in a safe and sustainable way.

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